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VETZ Aperitivo Training

By Aperitivo Stockholm
(excl. VAT) 1.000 SEK
(excl. VAT) 1.000 SEK

We are not currently processing requests for this service!

Aperitivo Stockholm is a dynamic, nomadic concept. Each event is an opportunity for the guests to explore a new venue, taste new flavors and meet cool people. We promote an open community of people inspired by the pleasure of eating together and sharing new experiences.

We bring the authentic Aperitivo experience to your place, with a simplified offering for our community to “Buy a drink, get your food!” We pride ourselves on creating a relaxed, chilled-out environment for your new guests to meet up with old friends or make new ones, meanwhile enjoying one of Aperitivo's staple drinks: Americano, Spritz or Negroni. We deliver the food and our hungry followers and host an evening to be remembered.

This simple idea is gaining traction and our community of experience seekers are eager to follow our concept to new venues. The price listed is a booking fee and we operate a revenue share model.

"Best event you can find in Stockholm. Never felt more welcomed to a party. THANK YOU ♥️" - Aperitivo guest

Host requirements

  • Revenue sharing of all event tickets
  • Food preparation
  • Serving staff
  • Standing and sitting tables

Package features

  • Three hour activation
  • Three Italian hosts
  • PR and digital communication
  • Authentic Italian food (150 servings)

Optional features

  • DJ: 1.500 SEK
  • Video production: 2.000 SEK