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By Bar Magi
(excl. VAT) 6.000 SEK
(excl. VAT) 6.000 SEK

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Barmagic is the entertainment concept that gives your guests a magical experience beyond the ordinary and creates a true added value for your bar and restaurant.With

Barmagic you, as owner or manager, can book close-up entertainment created for the bar and restaurant industry for an evening that enhances the atmosphere, attracts laughter, makes your guests socialize with each other and come back with their friends to see more.

Anders Fox works closely with your staff during the evening and adheres completely to your routines, times and wishes. Let your guests order from your menu and Anders Fox will serve them entertainment that fills their hearts with moments of wonder and laughter that enhance the atmosphere of your bar.

Anders Fox is the biggest barmagician in the Nordic countries. Sleight-of-hand artist, experienced and humble, with several years of work specializing in entertainment in the hospitality industry around the world. Anders Fox's job is to create added value for your bar and restaurant.

Serve your guest a evening of wonder with cocktails, magic and wonder.

Host requirements

  • Dinner from the bar och restaurant before my shift

Package features

  • Myself and my sleight-of-hand

Optional features

  • 3 hours of close-up magic during a weekend (Friday and Saturday): 6.000 SEK
  • 3 hours of close-up magic during a weekday (Wednesday and Thursday): 4.000 SEK