Drive For The Trade – Home Delivery Service

By Pernod Ricard Sweden
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We are not currently processing requests for this service!

Are you seeing a growing trend to reach consumers by offering a takeaway/delivery service instead of having guests physically present? Do you need help meeting these new demands on your business? We at Pernod Ricard Sweden want to offer a helping hand, by facilitating home deliveries to your customers in a new, albeit, temporary way.

Every Friday for the next couple of weeks, we will be out and about in our automobiles doing our bit to support. Order now to avail of this service to add value to your business.

Host requirements

  • Please let us know the type of food you want help delivering (hot, cold etc), as a message on the booking form.

Package features

  • Stockholm City delivery service
  • One driver with their own car
  • 3 hour shift