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I AM Champagne Training

By Spivi
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Discover the exclusive I AM Champagne range and how you can upsell your guests with this extensive training. This family of premium champagnes which has been crafted by one the most dynamic, family-run estates there is, in cooperation with Arvid.

You and your team will learn about how the estate prides itself with being close to its origins and you will be mentally transported to the heart of the left bank of the Marne valley where the wine is produced.

The winegrowing is meticulous and perfectly adapted to the complex mosaic of different soils and subsoils, with flint-bearing sand through clay and limestone to pure chalk. Adding neither enzyme nor yeasts along the way. Two-thirds of the vinification is carried out in wood barrels. The champagne has volume, is chewy and maintains its freshness due to perfectly balanced dosages.

Your team will leave this training confident that they can sell your premium products to guests.

Package features

  • 90 minute tasting
  • Sales cheatsheet