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Loppis @fter Office – sustainable after-works

By Triggur
(excl. VAT) 3.999 SEK
(excl. VAT) 3.999 SEK

We are not currently processing requests for this service!

Do you like Pop-up shops?
Are you passionate about second hand?
If so? Then LOPPIS @FTER OFFICE is just the experience keep your guests enjoying their stay longer at your establishment!

LOPPIS @FTER OFFICE is an AW with a twist.
WE transform your venue into a pop-up Loppis.
YOU give your guests the chance to browse with a beverage while they socialize & shop, sustainably.

How does it work?
You choose the seller(s). Sellers could be staff members, friends, regular customers.
The Seller(s) bring their items for sale to the venue.
All items on sale are marked with price and seller’s ID-number.
Items for sale are displayed tastefully around the venue.
Guests arrive, order a drink, browse & maybe buy!
To purchase items, guests pay at the dedicated LOPPIS @FTER OFFICE checkout.
All proceeds can go directly to the seller. It can also be agreed that a percentage of the profits goes to the venue… or even better: to a charity of the venue’s choice.

Host requirements

  • Ability to use selected venue space or part thereof as "shop" space
  • Dedicated space to use as checkout (1 kvm) - could even be behind the bar

Package features

  • Coat racks
  • Shopping bags
  • Hangers
  • Price tags
  • Mirrors

Optional features

  • Venue-branded bags (100 pieces): 1.000 SEK
  • Venue branded stickers (100 pieces): 100 SEK
  • Home delivery for guest purchases (Stockholm): 800 SEK
  • Tailor on-site (2 hrs): 5.000 SEK
  • Jewelry shining / repair (2 hrs): 5.000 SEK