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Showmanship in the hospitality industry

By Bar Magi
(excl. VAT) 8.000 SEK
(excl. VAT) 8.000 SEK

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How can we get our guests engaged in our bar and our bartenders? By telling stories and creating magical moments for our thirsty guests. The bar is not just about selling drinks, it's about creating moments that affect people.

In this talk, Anders Fox will go through how to raise the mood in his bar with the help of showmanship with simple means. Thanks to his experience in both the hospitality industry and the entertainment industry, Anders has learned how to treat guests in a bar and restaurant. How everything from the welcome at the door, the serving of the menu and the payment is important to enhance your guest experience in your bar.

Let Anders inspire your colleagues to create their own magical moments in your bar the next time a guest enters through the door.

Host requirements

  • A bar
  • Bottles of product
  • Electrical sockets

Package features

  • 1 hour talk