Our Vision

Our name Hoxtor is derived from the “HO” of hosts. Those of you in this world who are relentlessly committed to looking after the comfort and tastes of your visitors in bars, restaurants, and nightclubs and other venues the world over. Our vision is to offer you the most comprehensive portfolio of quality services that will enhance the experience of individuals, be they customers, guests, or staff, while they are at your venue. Our platform simplifies the ordering of those services to give you more time to focus on what you do best.

Hoxtor’s “TOR” is taken from the end of creator, for you creative geniuses who produce unforgettable experiences and sensational memories. For you, we want to offer our tools to help enrich and expand your services as a source of competitive advantage. This will enable you to scale your customer service efforts and give you a new channel for growth.

Finally, the “X” stands for our experience of providing you a secure system for managing your bookings and payments. Together with a frictionless service that drives the growth of your business with enhanced guest experiences.

Fintan Collier


Erica Dean


Ray McIntosh

UX Designer

This service has been brought to life by Leslie Maunsbach, Fintan Collier, Erica Dean, Ray McIntosh, and Emma Bergström. We are united by our passion for hospitality because it is at the heart of our vision to make the world more inclusive and vibrant. We believe that the experience of socializing in person should be as good as its online counterparts. We are on a mission to build a place where creators and hosts of hospitality services can use our platform and services to develop the best guest experiences. The company was founded in 2019 and the team is based in Stockholm. Welcome to the future of guest experiences!

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